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PRIX JEUNESSE INTERNATIONAL MUNICH - Promoting Excellence in children's TV

Children's TV Worldwide

With this website, the PRIX JEUNESSE Foundation wants to provide an overview on global scientific studies conducted with/through its partner institute, the IZI.

Have and Show Emotions (2014)

5,190 children and preteens from 17 countries were surveyed with the aim of getting a better understanding of how emotions are experienced and shown in everyday life and while watching TV. The research interest was on the emotions joy, fear, anger, sadness, pride and envy.

Find a summary of the results in a research report, as well as reports on the individual countries that have participated in this study.

Research Report

Reports on individual countries

Gender Representation (2007)

In the largest ever children’s TV analysis, we tracked gender representation in 19,664 programmes with 26,342 fictional characters from 24 countries. This webpage offers the individual reports of each country as well as a summary of the overall results. The analyses give an overview on the quantitative tendencies in each country. Of course, the results are dependent upon the sample and thus reflect only what was broadcast in May 2007.


Report on all countries

Reports on individual countries